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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Booktube Wednesday!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Book Tag!

~*~BOOK TAG~*~
1. First Book Crush

Harry Potter! I was in love with Harry when I was young! :) 

2. What book would you want as your valentine?
The Mediator series by Meg Cabot. I LOVE these books and the characters within them. I still want more Suze and Jesse! 

3. What book would you gift to your true love? OR, because I personally had trouble coming up with one... Who is your favorite True Love couple?
Tracy and Dominic from Whisper of Eternity by Amanda Ashley! If you've been wanting to get into AA's books, this is a really good one to start with! Unlike most of her books, this book is a standalone.

4. Relationship you really wanted to happen, but didn't.
I have a few for this because I couldn't pick one.... 
---- Naru & Mai from Ghost Hunt (manga and anime)
I've watched the anime MULTIPLE times and I finally got to read the manga last year... and it still sucks that their relationship never happened.

---- Kel & Dom from Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small series
---- Tris & Keth from Tamora Pierce's Emelan Universe series
I realize she's only either 14 or 16 during Shatterglass... but so far, there's been no hints of that relationship happening now that she's older... and I doubt there will be since Tris is going off to university in the upcoming book and they'll be separated for quite a long time. :( 

5. Favorite Romance Genre
Paranormal romance, usually. Vampires, Witches, Psychics, Mediums... I love it all!

6. Favorite Romance Plot
True Love and Soul Mates... when the characters seem DESTINED for one another.

7. Favorite Book OTP (One True Pairing)
Bella and Edward from Twilight. Yeah, I'd like I've branched out and found an OTP I like more than B & E, but I haven't. I have other OTPs, just none that surpass B & E.

8. Favorite Angsty Romance
The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. Still the only Sparks book I've read... but it TORE my heart out! 

9. Favorite Feel Good Romance
Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. I've really not sure why I'm picking this... there's quite a lot of horrible things that happen around them and their relationship, but still... there's something about them overcoming it all and growing to love one another despite believing they never would that makes me pick it for this. 

10. Favorite Guilty Pleasure Romance
Eona by Alison Goodman. But it's not the romance that makes me feel guilty... it's the fact that I KEEP re-reading it every few months despite all the many, many, MANY books and ffn on my TBRs!

11. Favorite Rom-Com
Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber. This series is brilliantly funny... Raven's way of looking at the world is rather unique. (The Mediator series is also a fav rom-com... but I already used it!)

12. Favorite Sad Romance
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green... another that TORE my heart out!

13. Favorite STEAMY Romance
Yeah, this is hard... I've read a lot. But I'd say my favorites are 
---- Midnight Embrace and Whisper of Eternity by Amanda Ashley 
---- And Sword of Darkness and The Brotherhood/Macallister series by Kinley Macgregor. Oh, wait... her Sea Wolves series too... pretty much ANY book from Kinley Macgregor (also known as Sherrilyn Kenyon!)
---- oh, and I have to at least MENTION the Portland Rebels series from Rebecca Grace Allen. They are rather recent favorites

14. Favorite Controversial/Forbidden/Star-Crossed Couple
Kaitlin and Bram in Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson 
They have a Romeo&Julliet type theme... their families hate one another... especially after Kaitlin's father goes to prison for the death of Bram's father. 

1. First FFN Crush
Liberated Aficionado by Queen-Cocaine
When I started reading fanfiction, I read primarily Tamora Pierce fanfiction... the earliest crush I remember was on Numair in L.A. I think it was the nipple piercing... lol
the outtakes are necessary... it has the lemons!

2. What FFn would you want as your Valentine?
The Trip Home fics by MSKathy... for... reasons... ;) 

3. What FFn relationship would you want with your true love?
Bella and Edward from Written in the Stars by Lissa Bryan!
literally star-crossed, sweet, but passionate!

4. Relationship you want to happen in a fic that you haven't read before.
For some reason, I really like the idea of Marcus and Renee in a vamp fic.... I dunno why. I finally read a fic where Charlie is turned into a vampire and I really like the idea of Marcus finding another mate in Renee and her also be turned so the family can be together. Plus, I've read fics where Marcus has like a fatherly role for Bella or Edward, so I really like that idea.

5. Favorite Genre of Romance
Paranormal Romance

6. Favorite Romance Plot
Soul Mates and Imprint stories, of any kind! Human, Vampire, Witch... love them! I've been reading Human Imprint stories lately, fics where humans have the ability to imprint on other humans. There are some really good ones out there, if you've not checked them out, I really recommend it!

7. Favorite FFn OTP (One True Pairing)
Bella and Edward, of course!

8. Favorite Angst Romance
Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik. 
Holy Hell, the angst! But I love it... re-read it half a dozen times!

9. Favorite Feel-Good Romance
Geek Love by Sassenach Wench
There is some angst and a bad past, but this romance is pretty funny and lighthearted, as far as I can remember. 

10. Best romantic gift in a FFn OR because I couldn't think of one off the top of my head, Favorite Guilty Pleasure Romance
Master of the Universe by Snowqueens Icedragon
It's not a relationship I think anyone should strive for, their relationship in the first half of the story is quite unhealthy, but I KEEP coming back to it. I keep being pulled back into the angst and the emotion of this harrowing love story. I think there are a lot of misunderstanding about this fic, and it's marketed in the wrong way -I don't think of it as a BDSM erotic romance, to me it's a harrowing love story about an abused man who finds salvation and selflove when he falls in love with someone else-, and I still love it and still find myself re-reading it every now and then.

11. Favorite Rom-Com
Fanfiction, Sex Gods, and Single Girls by bannerday
This fic had me literally LOLing!

12. Favorite Sad Romance
Secrets and Lies by BellaScotia
but not because of the romance... because I *SPOILER!!!!!* literally cried when Charlie died. :( :( :( :( :( 

13. Favorite Steamy Romance
This was pretty tough to pick, there are so many! But I'd have to say... 
Nova by Cupcakeriot! 
If you've read it, you know what I mean when I say that their three day lovefest was AMAZINGLY hot!

14. Favorite Controversial/Forbidden/Star-Crossed Couple
University of Edward Masen by Sebastien Robichaud
I picked this one because their relationship is rather forbidden... given he's her professor and the school as rules against it

Friday, February 10, 2017

Review ~ Till Death and Beyond by Lyn C. Johanson

Till Death and Beyond (Witch World #1)
by Lyn C. Johanson
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Print length: 374 pages
Release Date: September 21st 2016

 Till Death and Beyond is a sizzling tale of two souls bound by destiny in a cruel plot to separate them forever...

Amira is the strongest witch on the face of the earth, with psychic abilities no others possess. And yet, she is but a slave to the whims of the gods. Forced to be born anew every time she fails in fulfilling an ancient prophecy, Amira is desperate to break the vicious cycle.

Plagued by the memories and guilt over his family’s demise, Raven lives for the sole reason of restoring his younger brother. And kidnapping a witch is only the beginning—for he intends to right the wrongs of his past by any means necessary.

While the gods might have planned for her to be captured, surrender is not something that comes easy to Amira. Yet one glance into her captor’s eyes, and she is swept away by emotions long ago denied to her. She decides to play along. For a while.

Despite the hatred Raven harbors for their kind, he is intrigued by the witch. One taste of her lips, and she becomes his obsession. Soon, he discovers that fighting against the passion they ignite in one another is futile. But as they strip each other’s secrets, a powerful force threatens to destroy them both.

For in this game of gods nothing is simple—the whole universe seems to conspire against them. And no matter how fiercely they fight, or what they are willing to endure to save each other ... the path they travel is paved with loss.

Will they survive the ultimate test, if even their determination—to fight till death—might not be enough?



I really liked it. I enjoyed Amira's journey and her character development... and her magic and abilities! I LOVE witch stories! I really liked her and Raven's relationship progression and the soul mate-ness of it all. I even enjoyed many of the side characters... though, they seemed a bit one dimensional, though that's par for the course for side characters. And although it was a bit confusing, I did like how the battle ended and how everything wrapped up... especially since it opened the door for sequels in an intriguing way. BUT, I would have liked to have more world building, more explanation into certain things... like the different factions of peoples and the motivations behind their actions, the hierarchy in place, the order, the witch hunters... I spent a great deal of time rather confused about this world and the people within it. I felt like it was missing a bit of exposition into it all. I hope the sequels fix this.

Another thing I found quite confusing was the blend of language... most of the time, it's written classically, almost medieval-ish which is the type of time period I picture this world in, but other times, the language is very modern, especially in the colloquialisms used by the characters. It took me out of the story at times.

However, despite what I felt were few flaws, I do plan to continue this series if and/or when the next book comes out. It certainly has the potential to be a really good fantasy romance series.

A computer science major, Lyn C. Johanson discovered her passion for writing romance stories
during the long and stressful months spent finishing her master‘s thesis. It encouraged Lyn to open a new blank page and let her imagination take flight. Several years later, her first romance novel was born.
Her stories transport the reader into the darkly sensual world where the magic of romance meets fantasy. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and sons.

Visit her website at

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Intergalactic Book Tag!

1. Space: Name a book that is out of this world - takes place in a world other than our own.

Eon & Eona Duology
by Alison Goodman
Eon/Eona takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Asian culture. It's a GREAT read... Eona is one of my most re-read books... I find myself picking it back up all the time! I HIGHLY recommend!

2. Black Hole: Name a book that completely sucked you in.

The Mediator Series
by Meg Cabot
A badass 16-year-old who can see ghosts... and falls in love with one! Another I HIGHLY recommend! If you've ever read anything by Meg Cabot, you know that she has the ability to write YA in a realistic and comedic way... despite some terrible themes and events, this series always gets me giggling!

3. Light Speed: Name a book that you are anticipating so much you wish you could travel at light-speed to get to it.

The upcoming Tamora Pierce books... specifically, the next Tris book in the Emelan Universe! 

AND the Numair prequel series!... Numair being one of the main characters in the Immortals series set in the Tortall Universe books...

*covers not yet available. :( :( :( 

If you haven't read Tamora Pierce, and you like YA high fantasy with knights, magic, mages, and magical creatures, I HIGHLY recommend reading Tamora Pierce!

If you prefer more mature YA, I recommend starting with the Tortall Universe:

If you prefer YA that's slightly more middle grade (but not really, there are very mature and adult subjects in this series as well, it just centers around slightly younger characters, at least in the beginning... it does get more mature as they age), then I'd recommend the Emelan Universe:

4. Nebula: Name a book with a beautiful cover.

Shadows of the Forest
by Emma Michaels
I mean... LOOK at this GORGEOUS cover!

5. Multiverse: Name a companion/spinoff you love.

The Infernal Devices series
by Cassandra Clare
The ID series is both a prequel and a spinoff series of the more commonly known series, Mortal Instruments. This is a tad controversial, but I actually enjoy the ID series more. It's shorter and more to the point... it doesn't feel repetitive, and I connected with Tess, Will, and Jem more than I did with Clary, Jace, and Simon. Not that I don't love them and the MI books, I just enjoyed ID more. :)

6. Gravity: Name a romantic pairing who seem to have a gravitational pull to one another.

Bella & Edward from the Twilight Saga
by Stephenie Meyer
Not only do they have a gravitational pull towards one another, I have a pull towards them... I love reading Twilight fanfiction with this pairing... in fact, it's pretty much all I read for a good 3 or 4 years. lol

7. The Big Bang: Name a book that sparked your love to read.

Ballet for Drina (Drina #1)
by Jean Estoril
I read Ballet for Drina for a book report in Jr High and it was the first time that I found that I could actually ENJOY the reading experience. It was a small spark that quickly grew when I started reading for pleasure.

8. Asteroid: Name a short story or novella that you love.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard
by J.K. Rowling
This small collection of short stories is a MUST for any Harry Potter lover!
My personal favorite was The Tale of the Three Brothers, which is used in Deathly Hallows... but all five stories are fantastic!

9. Galaxy: Name a book with multiple POVs.

Firebirds Rising: An Anthology of Original Science Fiction and Fantasy (Firebirds #2)
This anthology is amazing... full of wonderful scifi and fantasy short stories!

10. Spaceship: Name a title that would be a great spaceship name.

Hawksong (The Kiesha'ra #1)
by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes 
There's something about "Hawksong" that just... sounds amazing. I think it would make a really pretty and memorable spaceship name!


Welp, there's my picks for this tag! I didn't mean for all of them to be YA... but that generally is what I read most. Maybe I'll do an adult edition next week.