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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rec Thursday... Once Bitten by Elise de Sallier

I have to recommend Once Bitten by Elise de Sallier. 

I read this a month or two ago and oooh, it was so good!! If you like AUs, I highly suggest it. It's a LONG ass read, but beautifully written and very enjoyable! I had trouble putting it down to sleep! It flips the script of the entire series... what if Edward had NOT been able to resist Bella's singer's blood in biology class; what if he bit and turned her the first day they met? 

Read it here: 

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I'm going to talk spoilers now, so if you've not read it and you don't want spoilers, stop reading this NOW. 


It FINALLY HAPPENED... what I always hope will happen in these AUs... Charlie became a vampire!! I've always had a secret hope that Charlie would be turned into a badass vampire. I've always thought he'd make a good one, like Bella, and that's exactly what happened here. As SOON as it looked like it might be a possibility, I was jumping for joy, so damn excited!

Also, the Volturi fight.... so damn pleased it went down like it did. I kinda agree with Elise, Meyer and ffn writers go to easy on the Volturi. I'd like to see the Cullen/Denali way of being a vampire spread, a new vampire order take place. And Vampire Charlie would be a PERFECT leader for it. 

That's not what happened, the story ends before the new order is officially setup, but that's what I'd like to happen. Marcus can go back to Italy and rule Europe while Charlie rules North America... it'd be awesome! I mean, who would be better? He's got all of Carlisle's compassion and level-headedness, but he's quicker to make the difficult decisions than Carlisle is. Gah, that would be fucking sweet. 

Wish it had gone down like that and I really wish this had a sequel.